MOkki (short course)

My real name is Mikko Lahti. I was born in Helsinki 1962, year of Cuban missile crisis. I lived my childhood in the small city of Heinola and returned to Helsinki 1981 to study in university. After several years of wandering from one department to another I settled down in meteorology and computer science which naturally lead me to work as programmer in Finnish Meteorological Institute from 1987 untill 2000. I finally graduated 1994. Most of my work in FMI had more or less to do with databases. From August 2000 until 2008 I worked for Decode Oy and since 2008 I have been employed by Logica Finland. My work has expanded from databases and data transfer programs to testing, impelmentation, version control, system administration and training.

Year 1999 was greatest for me ever. Katja and I got together and I found out what True Love is: a super addiction, only it does really good to both your mind and body. I waited 20 years to meet my Right One and I am not sorry for a day, for the time has paid it back a hundred times.

I have always done many different things. My biggest hobby has always been reading. I used to work in Finnish Comics Society for several years and had a large comic collection, most of which have now given room to other collections. I also like to read books, mostly fantasy and science fiction as well as real science, history and humor (sometimes all in one book). Other things I have been doing over years includes music playing (guitar, tuba), roleplaying (Rolemaster mainly), live-roleplaying, hiking, bowling, several different martial arts and home computing. I have some pet birds, and I also like crafts and woodwork, tinker with machines and fix things.

I am middle sized with medium-long brown hair and small beard. I like good jokes, good food and quiet evenings at home. A few things I don't like are fanatics (religional, political or any other), disgracing other people, noisy or smoky places and being in a hurry. I am quite slow and clumsy, but I also have patience and can wait for things to be ready.


Whole name: Mikko Tapio Lahti
Born: Helsinki, April 7th, 1962
Nicknames: MOkki
Hair: brown, short
Height: 175 cm
Eyes; blue
Weight: Won't say. Maybe 70 kg?
Shoe size; 42
Favourite colour; Blue
Likes: Books, comics, good food, quiet evenings at home, thinking and doing things.
Dislikes: Religious and political fanatics and in general people who don't allow the opinions of others, and selfish and rude people
Religion: Agnostic
Bad manners; Slow, clumsy, loud-mouthed, socially clumsy
Favourite movies: Sting, Mel Brooks-movies, Monty Python
TV-series; Most sci-fi and fantasy series, high quality science and history programmes, high quality detective stories
Music: No special favourites, everything from classical to pop
Favourite book: Lord of the Rings
Favourite flavour; Raspberry

Other things
(thoughts about myself and others)

Life is much more than just happenings. Before meeting Katja I believed it was just coping from one day to the other, from moment to another. Steady pace doing things so life wouldn't be empty. No longer: life is full of emotions, happiness, pleasure and sorrow, often everything inside a few hours. I feel completely alive and it all has a meaning: making Katja happy.

I am not a very social person. I like to stay at home, at small groups of friends or as an unknown in a crowd, but I don't enjoy large parties or bars. I may arrange and partake in events and even perform, but I don't seek that. I don't like disagreements and avoid them when and if I can.

I usually like think positive of people. Some people can be unpleasant, but most of the people I meet can at least behave in a friendly way. But if you talk about men and women, there is only one true Woman in the world for me: Katja. No offence, but nobody can compare to her.

Katja is so different than any other woman. She can make me laugh with one word or look. Her eyes glow of amazing life force. She is more intelligent than she admits and amazingly good at everything she sets her mind to. She has wonderful sense of style and she can move as easily and lightly as a deer. Our marriage has made me a happy man and I am pleased for all these years.

I enjoy Katja's company, good stories and new knowledge, all kinds of knowledge. I'm a reneissance man, I would like to read, hear and see everything, which is unfortunately impossible. Flood of imformation is no new thing to me, I have experienced that since childhood.

I can not stand stand people who don't respect the property of others and I include into that also their personal opinions. I hate people who bully others because of what they think or like, or try to force their minds on others.

Money in itself isn't important, just like a good car, it's enough that they get you forward. Of course it's nice to drive a better car and the extra money can get you nice things, but neither is good unless they make Katja happy. I don't need much for myself.

Leaving things midway bothers me. I would rather do things at once from start to finish, because if I leave them midway they only get buried under new things. That is why I don't like to jump from one thing to another.

I prefer to think of things from several sides. The bad side is that it sounds like arguing against the others, but the good side is that when I get to a conclusion I don't get off it easily.