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                          Welcome to the guide to Cutie Club toys


Cutie Club was a teeny tiny toyline produced by Lewis Galoob toys, made in 1989. The line is extensive and consists of tiny horses and dolls - or colts and kids, as they were called - only an inch tall, and all kinds of playsets for them. Each figure has brushable hair. Each set has a name but the dolls and ponies did not have individual names.

Part of the fascination on this line is its size. All the items, despite being so small, are very detailed. Unfortunately this line was never very popular, and there are very few collectors around. But luckily it is also very afforable: although some eBay sellers tend to overprice (some quite massively and ridiculously), one can usually get an unopened basic set of colts or kids or a locket set for $25 or less, and the purse sets aren't very expensive either.

The kids and colts were usually sold in packages of five figurines in each pack - either five colts, five kids or possibly three colts and two kids. Each package also came with posing stands for each figure (excluding the bridal dress kids, which did not need stands), instructions leaflet and a brush. I have also seen a picture of a French collection of 20 colts and kids, which were sold as a set in one single box. The Locket playsets came with a tiny little house that could actually be also worn as a necklace, a necklace itself (with a clasp and a latch that could be attached to the building), a playset base, a play piece (= an accessory, such as a bench, a fence, etc), an instruction sheet, a kid or a colt and a stand (except, of course, when the kid included was a bridal kid). In one particular case the Cutie Village-set was sold with eight locket sets and twelve colts and kids in one huge box. There were also several larger playsets, including four purse playsets that could be folded up as bags, a much larger City Park playset, and even a large manor- the Cutie Manor. These two larger sets had of course lots of accessories. Information of each of these can be found on pages at the left hand menu.

This site is still work under progress, because sometimes new information does emerge. I do my best to keep it up to date. Please notify me if you spot any new information! On a line as extensive as Cutie Club, there is always variation in both versions and international variations. So, if you do have any additional info, please do let me know! All the pictures on this site are (excluding the few exceptions which are noted otherwise) from my personal collection. All the contents on this page is 2006 -> Katja M. Lautanen (with the exception of pictures where otherwise noted), and Cutie Club is 1989 Lewis Galoob toys. If you have any items I do not have and are willing to sell, drop me a line via email (kmlahti (at), I will pay well for any pieces I do not own, and I usually have some extra Cutie Club parts for trade or sale. Just make sure you include the words "Cutie Club" in the subject line!

Thank you for Ilona Lassila for her support, suggestions and help with checklists, for Mikko Lahti for scans and help, for Cirrusrose for several scans and pictures, to Nikki Allen and Crystal Fenwick for the information on some locket set identifications, to Zuse for several suggestions and heads-ups, for Trumanshower for the beautiful French magazine advertisement scans and for Robert Alcock for the picture of the Cutie Manor's USA box.

How To identify Cutie Club

All the packaging boxes have pre-production photos behind them. They vary greatly from the actual item produced. Many kids and colts pose in many different sets as well in these pictures, so these prototype pictures shouldn't be used for identification purposes.

The Cutie Club figurines have no markings on their bodies. Each figurine stand has the same marking underneath; "" 1989 L.G.T.I. CHINA". All the brushes have the same mold, but there are two colours; hot pink and light pink. I've never found the lighter pink brush coming from sets from the USA, but I've often come across it in European sets, so it may be a European variation. It is also much rarer than the normal brush colour.

The play bases of the basic locket sets have no markings, but they should be distinct due their puzzle-like nature. All the bases are purple with a sticker decal, and measure 4 inches width and length, plus the tiny puzzle-tabs. The mold of each land piece is the same with multitude of tiny holes under sticker (visible if you look at the base against a bright light) and, if the set came with a play piece, the appropriate holes were punctured by the producer. Occasionally the land pieces came with different lockets and play pieces, so the way each land piece is "punctured" depends completely on what play piece it came with. Of course, there have been a few cases where a child has, perhaps, punctured more holes themselves, but these are NOT variants, though some people have attempted to sell them as such. The Locket houses are less than two inches tall each- of course this measure changes a bit from house to house. Each house has the same text under it: " 1989 L.G.T.I. CHINA". The locket necklaces have no markings, but they should be easy to recognize - they are all the same mold, just different colours. The accessories, unfortunately, have no markings and are often the hardest to recognize. Unfortuately, Galoob re-used the Cutie Club molds (locket sets and purse sets, at least) on another series called "Tiny Troll Town" which are very hard to distinguish from genuine Cutie Club- I will do my best to add information on that.

Under the Cutie Manor you should find the Galoob logo and text;
1981, 1990 Lewis Galoob, INC, South San Francisco, CA 94080
All Rights Reserved, MADE IN CHINA
CUTIE MANOR Is a U.S. Trademark of Lewis Galoob, Inc,
U.K. Design Application No. 999702"
The manor's base is a bit under 9 inches by 8 inches. Once assembled the house stands approximately 5,5 inches tall. The furniture has no markings and thus is in some parts rather hard to recognize. To see more, check out the manor's own ID page.

The city Park set measures, when folded up, approximately 8,5 x 3,5 x 6 inches. Underneath the case is a tiny print " 1989 Lewis Galoob Toys. INC, MADE IN CHINA". To see more Id marks on this set, see the park's own ID page.

Cutie Club is a trademark of Lewis Galoob toys INC. This site is a collector's private identification and tribute and not used for commercial purposes. All the pictures are copyrighted to Katja M. Lautanen, Finland (unless otherwise noted), do not take them without permission, thank you!